"Emboss" Ltd, Gabrovo, one of the leading firm in furniture production and commerce, was established In 1990 by family Perchemlievi.
    Since then till 2005, in a fifteen-year period, the company successfully establishes itself at the internal and at the international market.
    The firm has a new, own factory, equipped with contemporary machines and manufacturing facilities. The high qualified and skilful staff is over 80 persons, including the specialists and employees.
    "Emboss" Ltd produces specific models, with a unique design and style, which make them different from the rest.
    An elegance, finesse and luxury are achieving by using of massive wood and other high quality materials. A wide range of wood stain suggests an opportunity to choice a color, satisfying even the most sophisticated client.
    The firm has chain stores in the all territory of the country and proposes a whole furnishings for the home, the office and for hotels.

A style and an elegance, a classics and an uniqueness
with the "Emboss" Ltd, Gabrovo furnitures!